Tutorial 2- Blog Task

Tasks- BLOG

Happily Blogging @ Belmore South

I read a great article which outlines a teachers use of a BLOG in her class. Below I have outlined 3 activities I found particularly useful and they include:

  1. Students put together photographic montages of the highlights of their year to be added to their farewell post on their individual blogs. They also put together an end of year photographic display for their class mascot ‘Sandy the Otter’ displaying all of the activities in which Sandy has participated in over the year.  The montage of Sandy’s activities can be viewed through the blog by students in Scotland who gifted the Otter to the class. This is great for the visual representations of learning which has occurred over the school year. It can act as a visual reminder to students of what they have achieved over the term or year.
  2. Students uploaded a video taken of the class performing a Scottish dance to be posted on the class blog. The Scottish students will then be able to see how well the Australian students understood and followed the instructions sent from Glasgow on how to perform the dance. I love the personal interaction students are having with studnets from across the world. They are able to share their experiences and class activities and gain insight into the cultural experiences happening around the world.
  3. A student is finishing her next installment of a book she is writing to be completed before the end of term. When she is happy she will post it to her blog to get comments and feedback from other students around the world. Comments from friends in high school will help her with clarity and expression and peers from primary schools in USA, India and Scotland will help with basic story lines and characterization. This activity could be used for a variety of writing assignments and encourages students to self edit prior to engaging in a peer edit.


Pericles, K. (2008). Happily blogging @ Belmore South. SCAN, 27(2), 4-6


Find 2 educational blogs you could use to model to your class as an examples of an effective blog.

Flat Rosie’s Adventures‘ is a  class blog based on the travels of a character based on a book the class read. Each student makes their own ‘Flat Rosie’ and sends her to different places around the world and has recipients write to the class about the place she visited and then sends her on for more adventures. Students then blog her adventures and new information they learn about the places she has visited.

The ‘Flat Rosie’s Adventures‘ blog is dynamic and interesting as it has pictures, video content and audio clips pertaining to the students learning about new places around the world. The blog allows students to make a personal connection with the content being taught in class through the travels of their doll and share it with others. It also allows students the opportunity to interact through the blog with students from around the world.

This style of blog could be used for any age group in primary classes as the level of research of a particular place of interest could be examined from various levels. The characters could come from any book being studied in the classroom making it relevant to the students learning.

Here is a link to the Flat Rosie’s Adventures Blog:


Primary C Class Blog is a great example of how students school work can be shared and displayed to a larger audience. The blog displays a variety of students activities and learning moments though video and picture content. The blog is a personal representation of the students learning.

This style of blog would be appropriate for any age level wishing to share their class work with a larger audience. Content can be varied displaying content from work samples to class activities on any subject and can be guided by the teacher to include more content in which students are most excited and passionate such as maths or drama.  The blog is colourful and well laid out with good written explanations of the visual content.

Here is a link to the Primary C Class Blog:


COLLECT & CREATE- Using Scoop it!

Here is a direct link to my Scoop it account which has relevant material for teaching Creative Arts in the classroom for K-6 students:



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